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Access to the country side. Clean beach. Clear waters. Fresh air. Bright stars. Native trees. Natural vegetation. Open spaces. Wild life. Bird life.

Sandgreen Environmental News and Updates

  1. Opened Information Centre in Park office providing species charts, local information, environmental issues leaflets, etc..
  2. Purchased lawnmower with mulcher to reduce cuttings.
  3. Re-developed Car Park laying grids made of recycled plastic and locally sourced gravel to maintain natural drainage.
  4. Enhanced screening at the boat park.
  5. Used last year’s grass cuttings as Mulch.
  6. Organised Beach Clean during World Ocean’s Week – 6thJune.
  7. Continued to remove alien/non indigenous plant species from around Park.
  8. Organised Natural Treasure Hunt around Sandgreen
  9. Replaced taps in office/laundry with self stopping taps.
  10. Increased number of Buddleah plants – seedlings reclaimed from local derelict development site.
  11. Finished three year programme of building screens around bin enclosures with dry stone dyke using local craftsman.
  12. Created “re-cycle” bin bay and screened from public view.
  13. Introduced system to minimise waste disposal – only bins that are full are serviced on respective days, particularly out of peak season.
  14. Offered to cut the grass for residents over 65.

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