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Timber lodges for sale in south west Scotland. High specification, high quality. Design it yourself. Exclusive development. Our Prices.  What’s included? Annual costs. Extras. Double glazing. Central heating. Three or two bedrooms. Decking. Sea views. Beach front.



To save you time, we have created this list of frequently asked questions, however, if these do not answer your queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will do our utmost to provide you with whatever information you require.

1. Why should we choose Sandgreen?
Our top reasons to owning a holiday home at Sandgreen are:- 
  • Throughout the Season, you can enjoy unlimited breaks for you and your family
  • Friendly / Safe / Family atmosphere
  • Beautiful, natural Environment
  • Our own stunning Private Beach, ideal for launching boats
  • Sandgreen is nearer than you think:-
 Edinburgh 111 miles
 Glasgow 110 miles
 Carlisle 67 miles
 Newcastle 122 miles
 Stranraer (Ferry link direct to Ireland) 46 miles
 Dumfries 33 miles
  • You will receive dedicated support from our team
  • We provide 24/7 emergency support
  • You can own a holiday home in one of Scotland’s 40 National Scenic Areas
2. How expensive are the Timber Lodges & Twin Units? Prices start from around £59,000.

3. Will my Timber Lodge depreciate in value? It has been proven and market evidence is available to show that these lodges can appreciate in value, depending of course, on the general condition and location of the building.

4. What is included in the price? All prices include delivery, siting, 20 YEARS LICENCE to occupy the pitch, connection to gas, water & sewerage, parking area for one car, VAT,  skirting around your lodge, decking and steps.

5. What are the annual pitch fees? The pitch fees relate to lodges up to forty feet in length and are dependent on the location within the park.  For the 201 Season the prices are noted below and are inclusive of VAT-

Standard Pitch 2017 11 month occupancy - £3,042.42
Single Lodge Standard Pitch 2017 11 month occupancy - £1,988.94

6. What other charges are there? Other charges are for electricity, rates, gas and insurance. We have spread the costs throughout the year as follows:-

Insurance 31st July
Rates, including water, sewerage & environmental charges 30th September
Pitch fees 31st December
Electricity 31st May & 30th November
Gas - As required

7. How long is the season? The season for timber lodges runs from 1st March to 31st January inclusive (11 months).

8. What facilities do you have? We provide on-site support and maintenance, private beach and laundry with washers and dryers. In addition we have excellent natural facilities for launching small boats, a volleyball net and an enclosed dog run.

9. Can we have a choice of location? We have an ongoing development programme for new pitches. Wherever possible you may have the choice of your pitch.

10. What happens if there is any damage to our holiday
We have negotiated a block insurance policy and can provide you with a fully comprehensive quote through a block scheme Scheme. This scheme is operated by Arthur J Gallacher. Insurance is compulsory however; you are very welcome to obtain your own policy.

11. How long after we buy our holiday home can we use it? Subject to availability from the manufacturers, we aim to have your timber lodge sited and connected within 30 days from delivery to the Park.

12. How long can we keep our timber lodge at Sandgreen? When you purchase your timber lodge at Sandgreen, the purchase price includes an initial license to occupy the pitch for twenty years.  An extension to this license can be purchased upto 40 years from the date of manufacture of the lodge.

13. Can we bring our dog/cat? Yes, provided they are looked after and the dog is kept on a lead when on the Park. Dog waste bins are provided. Any misbehaved pets will be asked to leave.

14. Can we park our car next to our timber lodge? Yes, there will be a car parking space for one vehicle at every pitch.

15. What if we decide we do not want to be at Sandgreen Caravan Park anymore? You can take your timber lodge off park and sell it, sell it back to us, or you can sell privately on the park.  If you decide to sell the timber lodge privately on the park the management must approve the purchasers and a commission of 10% of the total sale price of the timber lodge (including the value of any remaining license period) plus VAT is to be paid to Sandgreen Caravan Park.

16. Are there any plans to develop the park? We are always seeking ways to improve facilities and services and we will be upgrading the park on an ongoing basis.

17. Can we hire our timber lodge out? At present we do not allow the hiring of timber lodges, however, we do have an Island Leisure 3 bed lodge which is available to let, ideal  for visiting friends.

18. What do we do next? Please contact us as soon as possible and if you have any further queries we will be delighted to answer them.  
1. £20,000 to reserve your pitch
2. Further payment of £50,000 to be paid on final order
3. Full and final balance to be paid six weeks prior to the lodge being delivered to the Park
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